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Weed Glass Pipes

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Weed Glass Pipes

Buy A Good Weed Glass Pipe

Buy a glass pipe for weed from Getmav.com! It’s a functional yet stylish way to smoke cannabis. You can buy a glass bowl pipe for weed in a range of styles and colors. While some are very simple, others are complex and stylish. We sell the best types available such as glass water pipes for weed. There are several types of glass smoking pipe for sale below.

Some are hand pipes, others are bubblers. All offer users a variety of quality smoking experiences. Buying a weed glass pipe from us will save you a lot of money than your nearby smoke shop. 

What Is A Glass Bowl Pipe?

There are many unique glass pipes for sale online and nearby at local smoke shops. A weed glass pipe is a widely used tool used among many cannabis smokers. When compared to wood or clay pipes they represent a better choice since glass won’t affect the flavor. A glass bowl pipe isolates the smoke flavor, offering an uncontaminated, pure smoking experience.

How Is A Glass Pipe Made?

There are two processes involved in making a glass bowl pipe. The first is the Blowing method. It involves blowing glass into a large bubble with a hexagonal, even, clear glass arrangement. Then the bubble will be collapsed back. This production method makes “honeycomb glass”.

Most glass weed pipes have uniquely designed features. Most are blown by hand while some may be whirled on a glass lathe. Sometimes patterns are created on the pipe to make it more beautiful.

The other method used for making weed glass pipes is called “fuming”. This involves passing metal vapors through the glass. When that material cools, tiny metal pieces are trapped in it, leaving a faint tint. Once the pipe has been used, resins and tars form a coat inside the glass. This then forms a dark background that the trapped pieces of metal show up vividly against.

Glass Pipe Types

 Several types of glass pipe are made using both of these processes. These include:

  • Chillums – these are also called hand pipes. They’re the main form of weed bowl. Compact and simple, this small glass pipe is easy to use. Just put the smoking material into the end, light it and inhale. While these are portable and user-friendly, they are only suitable for use for a small amount of herb. Also, as there’s no carburetor, it’s hard to clear the smoke.
  • Spoons – more complex than a chillum, Spoons have a carburetor which is a small hole. If you cover the carburetor, the air entering the weed pipe gets drawn into the material through the bowl. If you uncover it, the air is drawn through the carb with much less resistance to allow easily inhalation.
  • Steamrollers – these have a bowl on glass fittings on just one side. Each end remains open, with the end by the bowl functioning as a carb. Some steamrollers have a chamber between the bowl and mouthpiece to help cool the smoke.
  • Sherlock or Gandalf pipes – these weed pipes have big bowls and arched stems. The bottom is flat allowing for free-standing with no need to hold the weed pipe. These pipes may or may not have a carb. The smoke emitted from these pieces isn’t filtered so it could be harsh.
  • A glass bubbler pipe –  bubbler filters the harshness of the smoke. It is a form of glass water pipe which diffuses smoke through the water before it’s inhaled. This process results in a smooth taste. Cold water is often used but occasionally, hot water may be used instead. Cold water will cool the smoke for a crisp and fresh taste. Hot water will increase the vapor to open the airways and facilitate smoking.

Why Use A Weed Glass Pipe?

Glass pipes are perfect for anyone who wants a fresh and pure taste from their smoke. Glass is non-porous and non-combustible so won’t add unwanted flavors to your smoke. Even better, none of the toxins which are produced by burning paper will be inhaled when you use a weed pipe. This too makes the smoking experience better.

Weed Glass pipes are also very attractive and come in a range of colors, styles and shapes. If you want an aesthetically pleasing smoking accessory, a weed glass pipe is for you. It will also be much easier to clean since there aren’t any cavities in which bacteria could grow.

The Pros And Cons Of A Glass Pipe

 There are numerous advantages to having a glass pipe. These include:

  • Glass doesn’t heat up quickly and loses heat rapidly. This makes a glass weed pipe convenient and comfortable to use.
  • It’s a healthier option because no toxins are produced by burning paper.
  • No unpleasant taste can be detected since glass allows for a pure flavor.
  • Glass pipes are fun to use as you can watch the smoke going through the pipe.

There are, however, a couple of downsides to consider:

  • Glass pipes are more expensive than metal ones but they are higher quality.
  • They can be broken more easily, so you’ll need to take more care with maintenance, transportation and storage.

How Do I Clean A Glass Weed Pipe?

It’s important to clean your glass pipe regularly. Otherwise, resins will accumulate that affects how the smoke tastes. Also, the debris which accumulates will inhibit the airflow. The piece will be unhygienic too, and less attractive.

It’s easier to clean pipes which have only been used lightly than one with a lot of built up residue.

You can clean your pipe by covering it with water and heating it until it boils. Once the water is boiling, you can turn the heat off and leave the pipe and pot to cool together. Once it’s cold, remove the pipe and clean it under running water. Don’t use a regular cooking pot – it’s often be hard to remove the resins from your pipe from the pan. Also switch your exhaust fan on as the smell can be unpleasant.

Alternatively, soak your pipe in 91% alcohol with added salt. Have a ratio of alcohol to salt of 2:1. Put the mix in a plastic container, add your weed pipe and then shake. The salt crystals scrub your glass pipe clean. Next, rinse your weed pipe in clean alcohol then again in clean water. 

Buy Glass Pipe

Buy a glass water pipe if you want to reduce the heat of the cannabis smoke. If you want to enhance your cannabis smoking experience, a glass pipe is a brilliant way to achieve it. There’s such a variety of styles, sizes and designs to choose from that there’s sure to be one you love. Our favorite type that we have available for sale are the glass water pipe options. 


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