Spotlight Smoke Sesh

Spotlight Smoke Sesh

Aliyah, Founder of Wax cosmetics

Written by: Katherine Divas

From CBD chap-sticks to engraved lighters this Latina queen brings you a wide variety of CBD cosmetics and smoking accessories. Her products are appealing to all walks of life that enjoy the smell of weed.

If you have ever wondered, the weed industry is a male dominated field. In fact, Vangst, one of the largest staffing companies in the marijuana space recently came out with a report on these statistics. According to the report, Out of 166 companies across 17 states in the U.S., 38.5 percent of the employees have self-identified as females and of those surveyed “17.6 of these women cannabis companies held ‘director’ or ‘executive’ roles’ compared to 82.4 percent self-identified males”.  Acknowledging these numbers, it makes us proud and happy to interview our friend Aliyah, the bad ass female who founded Wax Cosmetics! We love to see our fellow females winning! 

Mexican American entrepreneur, Aliyah Molina was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles and is a first-generation daughter of two Mexican Immigrants. Wax Cosmetics is a self-funded, vegan, cruelty-free beauty company that offers a line of CBD lip glosses and highlights as well as smoking accessories.

         Molina founded and created her CBD cosmetic and smoking accessories brand from scratch back in 2019 and has only been growing as she continues to stay dedicated and motivated to reach new heights in the marijuana industry.

We put together a list of questions for Aliyah Molina to really spotlight her business and work ethic and told her to join us for a smoke sesh, this is how it went!

 What made you think CBD infused cosmetics; how did you get into the industry?

  • When I created my first cosmetic highlighter by hand I didn’t think much of it. It was simply a hobby until one of my friends asked me to make one for her. She received many compliments on the highlighter and I knew I had to further explore this idea. I thought to myself “what could set me aside from all these well known makeup brands?”

      Marijuana instantly popped into my head! I knew this plant had many  medicinal values to offer and decided to go with CBD (Cannabidiol) because of the amazing properties it has towards on the skin. From an idea to a brand. When my    first highlighter sold out, I knew it was just the beginning of this journey.

To you, what is the main difference between an idea and an execution?

  • We are all capable of having an idea but not all of us are willing to take the first step to making it come to fruition. At times building a business by myself was and is extremely stressful. There will always be something to do when having a business but the key is to take it day by day. I create lists of everything that needs to get done and make them happen one by one. It’s important to remember You are exploring a new field and you are bound to face difficulties. Just remember you are capable to do anything you put your mind to. Creating a vision board is also a great way to see your end goals

What are some of your goals as a small business owner?

  • My goal as a small business owner is to create an honest, inclusive, and free of discrimination brand that all individuals can see a bit of themselves in. Additionally, we hope to bridge the marijuana and cosmetic industry together. Down the line we strive to carry eco-friendly packaging and of course continue to be vegan. To protect our planet and furry friends because our beauty should not be at its cost.

What was the most difficult challenge you've faced in your career and how did you overcome it? What did you learn from it?

  • The most difficult challenges for me has been the entire process. I didn’t know a thing about creating a brand nor did I know anyone who did. I had to educate myself on endless laws and regulations, how to properly create formulas, and sell products. Thankfully with the help of a cosmetic chemist, google, FDA websites, and the millions of resources this world has to offer I continue to strive against any issues that come my way. I’ve learned you are bound to fail and that is okay because you are also bound to win. All your failures are detouring you from the wrong. Gearing you up for what’s to come. If none of us failed would we really be learning? Even though you get put into rough situations once they’re over you come back as a stronger and more experienced individual.

Take me through a few of your favorite pieces in your portfolio

  • The Honey highlighter will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first product I created that showed me this was possible. It is a beautiful golden shade that’s compliments all skin tones.



         Our lip products are an essential to my everyday life. I’ve formulated this to be extremely hydrating and healing and I encourage everyone to try it out once.

         The Wax Cosmetics grinder is also one of my favorite items we carry. I use it every time to roll a joint or pack a bowl. This item was on my vision board, seeing it come to life felt like magic.

         One of my prized possession has to be the Wax Cosmetics rolling papers. Releasing these truly made me proud. I have yet to see a Latina create rolling papers in this male dominated industry so it means a lot to me to play apart in expanding the industry.



Who are your inspirations?

  • There are so many inspirations for me in this life. Each single being inspires me. For we are the same and a direct reflection one another. I am constantly inspired by everything around me people, music, art, this beautiful planet we are all coexisting in. I am thankful for the people who have made this very moment possible. From my ancestors, parents, siblings, friends, supporters, and those who have been here before me. 

Any last things you want to add for our readers?

  • I would like to remind everyone that you are the creator of your reality and you are capable to be the change you want to see!

Thank you readers for sticking with us through this spotlight smoke sesh. We hope that this was inspiring for many of you as we are inspired by Molina. Remember to stay positive, begin the process to your next big thing by taking things a task at a time. Before you know it you will accomplish the things you had only been envisioning. For more info on Wax Cosmetic products check out their Instagram account ( @waxcosmetic ) and or website (!

Till next time Mav Fam! Get out there and “create your reality!” as Molina likes say.

                                                                             Photographed by @_heartkine_
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