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The MAV Family


MAV Glass provides a wide selection of high quality functional glass, based out of sunny Los Angeles, California. Bringing you the quality you deserve and the styles that catch the eye of any glass enthusiast.

Our team here at MAV believes in core values like family, people, and product. We strive to make our team mates feel like family, so we are very selective on how we choose our team of diverse individuals, so we can all feel comfortable and easily work together to accomplish a common goal, as well as working together to accomplish individual goals within ourselves, simultaneously taking the company higher.

We love to connect with the people that support us, its fairly simple to reach out to us with your comments and compliments as well as concerns, via our Instagram page, we respond and repost our supporters on the daily basis.
Our product is manufactured here at our headquarters as well as imported always with major attention to detail to ensure quality with every piece that has the MAV stamp on it.

By owning a MAV piece, you are a part of something much bigger, something within the cannabis community brings all of us together in the name of peace and enjoyment, we hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy working to create a legacy based on quality and creativity, from our in house printed 3D products to our special edition Top City Beakers collection, we make sure that every piece is sent to you with the highest quality possible to exceed your expectations.

Look around on our website for your next glass piece, or you can read our articles based on local and informative journalism, whichever you decide to do, just make sure to enjoy everything our website has to offer.