All About Coils

All About Coils

Bought a coil… now what?

Freezable Coil Anatomy


How to use your coil

Step 1 - Gently separate the neck from the base

Step 2 - Place the neck in the freezer gently. Never place the piece in the freezer while put together

Step 3 - Fill base with water. The amount is up to your preference; we recommend the water level be about an inch above the slitted perk in the pyramid.

Step 4 - Once coil reaches preferred levels of cold place back in the base, then place the keck clip on the joint connecting the base and neck. We recommend freezing for no longer than 2 hours.

Step 5 – Fill the bowl with your preferred mount of flower and enjoy (:



 This is a special piece and requires special maintenance. We recommend cleaning this piece after every sesh to help avoid the coil clogging due to resin build up.

 Cleaning steps:

  1. Carefully remove Keck clip and separate the neck and base, and remove the bowl piece.
  2. Dump water out of base.
  3. Pour your cleaning solution in the base, we recommend Pink Formula Cleaner. Plug both openings, at the connecting joint and bowl joint, and carefully shake the solution around.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the neck joint. Make sure to leave the coil cover cap on to keep the glycerin in the piece.
  6. Place bowl in a cup or bag with cleaning solution, shake and rinse with warm water.


Tips and Tricks

  • Always be gentle with the moving parts.
  • When using the piece, hold from the base not the neck.
  • Always make sure keck clip is in place before lifting or using the piece.
  • If your coil gets clogged; plug one end of the neck securely, fill with cleaning solution, plug the other end and let soak. While the piece is soaking make sure its placed in a sturdy spot it won’t roll around. Then rinse out with warm water.
  • Clean pieces after every sesh.
  • When placing the neck in the freezer make sure its placed in a spot where it won’t roll out when the door is opened and where nothing will fall on the glass.


Stuck Joints?

*Always take extra precaution when handling glass

* To help prevent joints from getting stuck clean all the parts of this bong after every sesh 

    1. Remove Keck clip
    2. Make sure to have a hand on each half securely
    3. Very gently tap the connecting joint on a hard surface (Ex. Wood or plastic table) Turn the piece while gently tapping to get all the sides.
    5. Carefully wiggle and separate the neck and base.


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