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Dab Rig & Recyclers

Glass Dab Recycler Buying Guide

Find the best Dab Rig Recycler options for sale on GetMav.com, all American made glass.  These days, dabbing is becoming more popular than ever. More people are trying this great way of consuming cannabis and are loving it. While glass bongs aren’t going anywhere, dab rig recyclers are rapidly catching up.

The glass recycler rig is relatively new but it does offer a host of benefits. Here, we look at what you should know about this new weed smoking trend. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can make a decision about whether it’s right for you. 

Let’s look at the different types of dab rig recycler on the market to help you choose one for you.

Firstly, What’s A Glass Dab Rig?

If you haven’t used a dab rig before, you might need to know a little more about them. They’re specifically designed for smoking cannabis extracted oils, waxes and other types of concentrates. A dab rig isn’t suitable for smoking dry herbs unless you use an attachment. This sets it apart from water pipes. 

Lots of people prefer dabbing over smoking herbs for the more flavorsome hit it provides. Also, dabbing offers more potent hits. Although dabbing can be quite intimidating at first, it’s easy to get to grips with it. Once you do, you’re sure to find it offers you an amazing experience.

If you’re going to use a recycler dab rig, you’ll require a quartz or titanium dab nail. This is an accessory which is used for heating the wax or concentrates. The point of dabbing is to heat the concentrates quickly, so you’ll also need a torch. This will effectively and evenly heat up the substance. You will also require a dabber to take the concentrate from its container to your nail.

What Is A Glass Recycler Rig?

 A recycler oil rig is a specific kind of dab rig. It is designed to offer smokers the best possible smoking experience. Recycler rigs combine the smooth hit of a bong with the potency and flavor of a dab. Since they offer extra filtration, hits from a recycler are cleaner too.

Since retaining flavor is essential for concentrates and oils, a glass recycler rig is an ideal addition to your paraphernalia. Recycler rigs are made from glass and have two chambers rather than one. This allows the vapor to be transferred from one to the next with cool water. As a result, the hits are very smooth. 

Recycler rigs also have a percolator. Some are simple while others are more complex. However, this element of the rig makes the smoke even cooler and more flavorsome.

How Do Recycler Rigs Work?

A recycler rig takes its name from the loop inside it. This allows smoke to be recycled with every hit. Whenever the smoker inhales, the smoke will travel to the water reservoir. The water and smoke will then travel together through the percolators into another chamber before arriving at the separation tube. The process will repeat until finally, the smoker inhales.

Why Use A Recycler Rig?

Not only do recycler dab Recycler Rigs have an appealing and unique aesthetic, they offer other benefits too. 

They allow for a very thorough process of filtration which ensures the hits are smooth. As the hits will be cooler, it’s also possible to smoke more concentrate. Not only does a recycler filter the smoke, it also helps to guard against splashes and spills. Recyclers improve the taste of your smoke, and this makes dabbing even better.

What Is It Like To Use A Recycler Rig?

At first, it can feel strange to use a recycler rig. You will need to use a slower, longer draw. This feels odd when combined with the increased restriction which recycler rigs offer because of their design. However, once you’re used to it, you’re sure to be impressed by the cyclical action which occurs in the rig. You’ll also be impressed by the rip you get each time.

Another advantage of using a glass recycler rig is that the water’s recycling action leaves no glass space dry. There is therefore less surface inside the chamber for reclaim to adhere to. Your rig will therefore be easier to clean and maintain.

The majority of recycler rigs on the market have a sturdy, wide base. This means that they can be used with both a standard dab rig or an eNail rig.

Different Recycler Dab Rig Options For Sale

Recyclers come in a range of designs. Here are some of the most common.

  • The standard recycler. Sometimes known as an external recycler, it has a drain tube which connects the top and bottom of the rig. 
  • The internal recycler. There are two forms of internal recycler. They are often called incyclers. One features an external tube to bring water into the second chamber from the first. The other allows water to travel through holes in the drain funnel instead of going through external tubing. 
  • The Klein recycler. This recycler type has a “klein weld”. This is almost a hybrid between an internal and external recycler. It is designed to be similar to an internal recycler. However, the drain won’t go to the bottom immediately but exits and loops inside again. As a result the drain won’t get in the percolator’s way.

Why Buy A Recycler?

If you’re looking for an excellent and potent smoking experience, a glass recycler could be the ideal accessory for you. Combining the potency of a dab rig with the smoothness of using a percolator bong, glass recycler rigs are popular. It’s easy to see why when you try one out. You’ll find your smoke is cooler, more mellow and less harsh while also retaining its full flavor. You’ll also experience the full benefit of the potency of your concentrates. 

Dab Recyclers are also pretty cool accessories. They offer a unique aesthetic all their own. They’re also fun to watch as the smoke circulates inside. Whether you’re using a regular dab rig or an eNail, they’re a great choice. If you want to boost your cannabis smoking experience, it’s time to think about trying a dab rig recycler now.

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