Glass Cleaning Tips

Glass Cleaning Tips

Dirty Glass? Use these simple steps to get your piece sparkling again!


Glass cleaning like many other components to smoking is all about preference. This article will go over the MAV recommended way to keep your glass clean and smelling good!

Materials you may need:

  • Glass Cleaning Solution
  • Ziploc Bag or Plastic Tub
  • Water



Cleaning Small Parts & Pieces (bowls, downstem, hand pipe, etc.)

1.      Empty your piece of any ash and water.

2.      Place the piece into a Ziploc bag and pour in cleaning solution. Pour in enough solution so most of the piece is submerged.

3.      Seal the bag all the way, make sure you have a secure grip on the bag, and shake, shake, shake!! Check the instructions on your cleaner, some require extra soaking time.

4.      Once you see the solution get dark from the resin, carefully remove your piece.

5.      Use Q-tips or pipe cleaners to remove any residual resin.

6.      Rinse the piece very thoroughly with water!


Cleaning your Piece

1.      Separate all parts (bowl, downstem, etc.) and dump out ash & water.

2.      Pour cleaning solution into the piece (if there's percs on the neck you'll want to pour through the joint and the mouth piece to get the solution in the percs). We recommend about 1-2 of solution.

3.      Plug all openings on your piece securely with bong plugs.

4.      Hold your piece with a secure grip and shake! (If solution requires soaking then soak for recommended time)

5.      When all the resin is removed from the glass, if there is any residual resin in the joint area use Q-tips or pipe cleaners to get it off.

6.      Dump out the solution and rinse your piece thoroughly with warm water.

7.      Enjoy your sparkling clean glass!



1.      If your piece is extra dirty or has been sitting a long time, run hot water through it to help loosen & remove some of the larger resin chunks. Be cautious hot water can make the glass hot.

2.      If you don't have bong plugs, you can use paper towels to plug the ends.

3.      For stubborn resin spots, soak for extra time in solution.

4.      Always be cautious when handling moving parts!!

5.      We recommend to not use ISO alcohol & Epsom salt. This method can cause damage to or remove the decal, doesn't remove the smell from the glass, & can penetrate into the glass leaving traces of alcohol in it.


Recommended Cleaning Solutions

Pink Formula (available on our website)

Formula 420/ 710

Quartz Qlean

Resinate Cleaning Solution

Randy's All Natural Citrus Cleaner

Orange Chronic Cleaner

Kryptonite Cleaner

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