How Does Bong Shape Affect the Function

How Does Bong Shape Affect the Function

How bong shape affects the function




Straight Tube

A classic piece that's simple, easy to use, and easy to clean. Straight Tubes require minimal water, creating less filtration than other styles. Due to less filtration than some other styles, the hit from a straight can be more robust. Straights have little to no drag, making it an easy pull too clear. A great piece for beginners! 




One of the most sought after bong styles, beakers are a perfect daily driver. The beaker-style bottom holds more water, creating a lot of filtration for a smooth and cool hit. Even with some added drag, beakers don't require a lot of lung power to clear them. The shape of the base also helps prevent splashback from getting to your mouth. 







Scientific (bongs with percs

Scientific bongs are perfect for those looking for a nice chug and maximum filtration with every hit. With every added perc you get a more filtered, smoother, and cooler hit. At the same time with every perc, there is a bit of drag added to the pull. The function of these pieces can vary due to the many percs out there. 



Pyramid Perc Base

These bongs use pyramid perc in a beaker base rather than a downstem. The pyramid perc is efficient at creating an evenly spread percolation with its upward angle. Even with the perc, this piece is still easy to clear, making it great for any level of smoker. 







Massive Base

Looking for something a little extra? Our Massive base functions similarly to a classic beaker but with an added chug from all the filtration in the wide base. Due to the extra wideness of this beaker, the Massive Beaker needs a lot more water than a typical bong. 




Bubblers are the perfect on-the-go piece for those who love a filtered hit. The filtration in the small smoke chamber helps cool down and enhance the flavor of each hit. Bubblers typically have little to no drag in their hit. 








Recyclers create maximum filtration, cycling the vapor through multiple times in a single hit. The function of Recyclers allows for high water levels in smaller chambers with little to no splashback. Because of the function and amount of water in them, recyclers take a bit more lung power than the typical piece too clear but worth it for the smoothness of every hit. 




Functions on an inline can vary depending on the type of perc used. Our Inlines have a Dewar's Joint eliminating the need for a downstem. A mix of the Dewar's joint and the horizontal tube shape of the base help keep this piece easy to clear. The base shape eliminates almost all splashback 







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