Order Flow

Order Flow

If you ever were wondering how we handle orders from the time you checkout to the time you're in your home enjoying a great MAV piece with your favorite flower or concentrate, well here it is, a quick guide that takes you on a trip to send out an order.

1.     First, the order is received at headquarters, a MAV team member will forward the order to production or to be labeled.

    2.     After the piece is ready, it goes through a thorough quality inspection.

      3.     Next, your piece is packed by a MAV team member using bubble wrap and packing peanuts to secure its integrity on its journey to its new home with you, small items (bowls, stickers, candy) are packed in a red padded envelope so you don't miss it.

        4.     Lastly, the order box is sealed and labeled with shipping information, then handed off to our shipping partners, (USPS, FEDEX, UPS), and begins the journey to its new home with you to enjoy!   

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