All About Percs

All About Percs

All About Percs

Percs put the fun in FUNction. Percs come in many different shapes and sizes and can be places in different chambers of a bong. They filter the vapor from your hit by diffusion from bubbles made by slits or holes in the glass, this makes for a cooler and smoother hit. You can see percs in action on our YouTube channel with our function videos.


Inline percs come in many different styles and sizes. Smaller inline percs are typically found in straight tubes and ash catchers while larger ones can sit perpendicular to the neck and be in the base of a piece. Our inline percs come slitted or as an inverted grid creating a lot of small sized bubbles spread around the whole chamber. The shape of these percs help prevent splashback and maintain an easy pull with a larger amount of water.


Our Tree, aka jellyfish, perc can be found with 8, 10, 12, or 14 arms. This perc functions by the smoke traveling through a tube into the top dome and out through the arms. Sometimes the arms will have slits or holes on them for extra percolation. These percs create a large amount of evenly spread small bubbles, creating a cool and smooth hit.


These percs closely resemble the patterns of its namesake, honeycombs! Honeycomb percs can come in a ball or a flat disc form, often you will see two or three disk in a stack. The honeycomb is made by drilling the glass or interlaced strings of glass, creating a lot of evenly spread holes across the whole perc. Honeycomb percs create maximum filtration by diffusing the smoke through a lot of mini bubbles. On top of the coolness of the hit, these percs have very low drag offering an easy & smooth pull.


Showerhead percs feature a long tube for the smoke to travel through before diffusing from a disc-like shape at the bottom. The long tube in the showerhead creates maximum coolness to your hit. Showerheads come in many different styles but are always found in the base/first chamber in a piece. They cannot be stacked but they can be bundled together (ex. Quintuple Showerhead Inline).


Puck percs are shaped like a hockey puck with holes or slits around sides. These percs are very similar to a showerhead perc, but the diffusion slits/holes tend to be a bit bigger making slightly larger bubbles. They create a smooth cool hit with a light chug effect.


UFO percs are one of the most common percs found in bongs. Designed in a domelike shape flaring out at the bottom, creating a UFO shape, with diamond saw cut diffusion slits in multiple spots. The dome shape allows for the smoke to build up before diffusing in an evenly spread circle of lots of small bubbles creating a cool and smooth hit. UFO percs are stackable, so they can be found in the base or neck chambers.

Slitted Pyramid

Pyramid, aka Collins, percs are shaped like a cone with slits all around the base. They are mostly found in the base of beakers, our pyramid percs are designed to be used without a downstem, so you only need the piece and a bowl. The slits create a nice even diffusion creating maximum filtration, while still maintaining a low drag offering low resistance to your pull.

Whiffle Ball

A whiffle ball, aka donut perc, is shaped as a sphere with two holes opposite of each other. Smoke goes through the joint tube into the whiffle ball and is diffused out the holes in a lot of medium sized bubbles. The sphere shape of this perc allows for some smoke build up before diffusion keeping the vapor cloud nice and thick with added smoothness.


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