Picking the Perfect Ash-Catcher

Picking the Perfect Ash-Catcher


Ash-catchers make a great addition to any bong and have a variety of uses. Some ash-catchers simply keep ash from entering your bong while others can add extra function and filtration. With so many ash-catchers to choose form it can be hard to pick out the perfect one. This guide will break down the function of the styles we carry to help you figure out which is best for you.


For most of our Ash-catchers you can use this equation to help you find your perfect piece:


Joint Size + Angle + Joint Tube + Perc = Ash-Catcher


Finding Joint Size


To find the right size ash-catcher for your piece you will want to base your measurement off of where the bowl typically sits. For pieces that use a downstem you would measure from there rather than from the bong joint. Stemless pieces can be measured directly from the piece joint. If you don’t know the joint size, see our Measuring for a Bowl article for help.


You want the ash-catcher joint to be the same as the piece joint. Ex. A 14mm joint will need a 14mm ash-catcher.


Finding the right angle


To ensure best use of the ash-catcher you want it to be in a position where its angled straight up and down. The ash-catcher angle should match the angle of the joint on your piece. Ex. A 90-degree ash-catcher should go on a piece with a 90-degree joint.


An exception to this is with classic straight tubes. They can also use a 90 or 45-degree ash-catcher, this would determine where the bowl sits with no effect to the ash-catcher function.






Joint Tube


The recycling function filters the water into the joint tube and then back out into the ash-catcher preventing the ash from entering your piece.




This style has a tube in the joint to prevent from ash entering your piece. Splashproof ash-catchers come with a covered drain on the side to help with cleaning.








Inverted Inline

This perc is a horizontal tube with inverted gridded slits all around. The inverted slits in this ash-catcher help keep a nice thick cloud of smoke with your hit. Inline percs create maximum filtration with little drag using minimal water.




The showerhead perc is a long tube the length of the ash-catcher with a disc on the bottom. Showerhead percs are designed to distribute the smoke evenly in the chamber cooling it down for a smooth hit. This perc is able to be used with less water and creates a bit more drag than the other percs. Perfect if you're looking for some chug to your hit.






Honeycomb percs are one of the most popular percs, they look like a flat disc with lots of evenly sized circles, creating a honeycomb appearance. This perc creates a lot of small bubbles evenly spread across the smoke chamber diffusing the smoke with little to no added drag.




A large dome on the UFO perc allows for large amounts of smoke to build up in the dome before diffusing out of the slits around the circumference of the wide base. UFO percs keep a large cloud with added smoothness and coolness to each hit.





Showerhead Ash-Catcher

If you can't choose between joint styles this is the perfect ash-catcher for you! Featuring both a recycling and splashproof joint your bong is well protected from ash getting in it. This ash-catcher features a removable showerhead downstem, making it an easy to clean piece. Our Showerhead ash-catcher is heavy so it should be used with a heavy duty piece with a sturdy base, so it doesn't tip over.



Double Honey Disc Inline Ash-Catcher

Our Double Honey Disc Inline ash-catcher has a full inline perc topped with a double honeycomb. The shape of this ash-catcher keeps it easy to clear with triple filtration. This ash-catcher is only available in certain angles/sizes due to the weight of the piece, it should be used with piece with a sturdy base.



Dry Ash-catchers

Dry ash-catchers don't add any drag or percolation to your hit, they simply catch the ash so it doesn't enter your bong, keeping it cleaner for a longer period. These ash-catchers are lightweight and smaller in size making them able to go on almost any piece. A small amount of water can be used if preferred, it doesn't change the function but can make the ash catcher easier to rinse out.




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