Quartz Bangers

Quartz Bangers

Browse through our 100% authentic Quartz Banger options for sale. Buy a thick Quartz Nail for your dab rig that is not going to crack from the flame of a torch lighter. Our Quartz Dab Nail can last a lifetime of use if taken care of properly, it will be the last Quartz Banger you will ever need. We have all of the latest Quartz Dab Nails available for sale, and they are American made products. Take low-temperature dabs that are going to taste pure, or try a red hot dab that will result in huge clouds.  

Where innovation meets the Quartz Banger, we have exclusive Glass Mav designs only available here. Experience taking a dab from a Quartz Banger Dab Nail that's going to provide an excellent vapor. A Quartz Nail for dabs provides the best flavor than any other material for dab nails.

Cheap Quartz Banger For Sale

Beware of Quartz Dab Nails that are too cheap, a lot of the time these end up not being authentic Quartz. Typically a cheap Quartz Banger will be made with thin glass that can crack with the heat from a torch. Each of our Quartz Bangers for sale is tested by our staff to ensure high-quality dabbing consistency. Do not be fooled by other similar designs made from glass, the Quartz Bangers we sale can take heat from a torch and not crack. Buying from Mav Glass ensures your going to get 100% authentic Quartz and nothing less.

Quartz Nail Size Options

We try and keep a full stock of the most popular sizes of our Quartz Bangers for sale. The most popular size Quartz Dab Nails we have available are the following : (Most of our Quartz Dab Nails are available for male and female connection types)

  • 10mm
  • 14mm
  • 18mm

    Another size option available for our Quartz Bangers is the bucket. This is where the hash that is intended for vaping is dropped into. We have small sizes for those who dab a little bit of cannabis concentrates at a time, and much bigger size buckets for those who want to take big dabs. Browse through our selection of Quartz Bangers for sale and find the perfect size for you today! 

    The most common size is the 10mm and 14mm female Quartz Banger. however, it's essential to buy the correct size to properly vape. If your not sure of your dab rigs size than we encourage you to visit your local smoke shop so that they can help you identify the right size.

    How To Clean Quartz Banger Nail?

    It’s super easy to clean any of our quartz dab nails within minutes using a torch. First, wipe off any remaining hash using a cotton q-tip. Afterward, simply light your torch onto the Quartz Dab Nail until its bright red hot, this heat will remove any excess cannabis extract residue left over. Blow any ash that remains and you're left with a Quartz Banger that looks brand new again.

    Carb Cap For Sale

    If you don’t already have a Carb Cap we recommend buying one of our terp spinner caps. This extra Dab Nail attachment will retain vapor from dabs, thus saving valuable vapor from escaping. This is an essential dab tool for those who want to maximize their dabs. Our Terp spinner caps come with two airflow and terp pearls. These extra bead looking like pearls will spin inside of the Quartz Bucket when vaping with the Carb Cap. These Pearls are very efficient at vaping cannabis concentrate.

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