Taste Testing Exotic Drinks & Munchies

Taste Testing Exotic Drinks & Munchies


On a random lunch break here at MAV we began talking about all the different foods and flavors we have experienced. The conversation went from trying insects such as crickets, to trying fast foods such as McDonalds in different countries ( the menu for McDonalds in Germany is way different then the menu in the United States ). We also brought up how many of us have encountered exotic drinks and munchies at smoke shops and some markets. With so many shops starting up their own collection of exotic drinks and munchies for the public, we though it would be fun to do a taste testing so we went down to little Tokyo and picked up Japanese snacks and drinks.
This is how it went.

Shrimp Chips Baked by Calbee

Shrimp chips taste exactly like it sounds.  If you are a    seafood lover these are for you!

 Jarell - “Im not a big fan of shrimp but the   taste is                       bearable, so they   aren’t to   bad.”

Matt - “these are good but not better then    the                           seaweed & salt potato   chips”

Miguel - “they kind of remind me of Fritos?”

Angel - “not my favorite”

                                                         Rating: 5/10


Meiji Chocorooms

Chocorooms were the biggest hit at the taste testing, we were all in awe about the packaging and mushroom resemblance these chocolate cover crackers took on.

Bobby - “Are these psychedelic?”

Matt - “probably the best treat of all the snacks
we tried”

Kat - “these are too good, I would just keep munching on them if we didn’t have to share and run out"

Rating: 10/10


Potato Chips Seaweed & Salt by Calbe

These were delicious, you would think that seaweed doesn’t sound so good but these chips actually tasted as good as lays potato chips if not better.

Matt - “these are so good, they remind me a little bit of the sour cream Lays.”

Doron - “wow, didn’t think they would be good”

Eric - “I would buy these more if they were at a local market”



Rating: 8/10


CALPICO Soda Original Flavor

This fun looking soda can contains sweet carbonation. If you like sprite you might actually like this.


Jarrel - “probably my favorite drink out of the three that we tried”

Miguel - “this one was good, tasted like sprite but with a sweetness instead of that citrus taste”


Rating: 7/10




Gokuri Peach Juice Drink by Suntory


Encased in a cute tin bottle, this soft drink has the flavor and feeling of biting into a ripe peach! Taste very sweet and syrupy.

Eric - “this was way too sweet for me” Sean - “probably the least favorite of the drinks we tried”

 Sean - “probably the least favorite of the drinks we tried”

Rating: 3/10

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