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710 Tahoe Bundle Bat Set with Moodmat

710 Tahoe Bundle Bat Set with Moodmat

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Get the whole 710 set with all you need to start your dabbing right. Our new 3D printed MAV bat stand keeps everything organized in one place - your new Tahoe rig, flower bowl, banger, a dab tool and q-tips so everything you need on one station! It's super durable so it also protects your rig. 

Bundle includes:

  •  the Tahoe recycler 
  • 3D Printed BAT Stand 
  • MAV red Moodmat 
  • 14mm Flat MAV Banger (bx306)
  • mouth piece by mooslabs 
  • Blue Monster Torch 
  • pink cleaning solution 
  • Piece Water All-Natural Bong Water Alternative (4 fl oz)

*** colors of the 3D printed bat stand will vary !!! 

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