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Christmas mean gingerbread man 18” 9mm beaker bong

Christmas mean gingerbread man 18” 9mm beaker bong

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Get into the holiday spirit with our Christmas themed mean gingerbread man lighting the christmas tree bong! Made from super durable 9mm thick glass, it's perfect for year-round feel like it’s christmas every sesh use. a classic beaker with some serious design points thanks to a matching candy cane bowl and stem. get the gift you want and have a happy high holiday! 


  • Authentic holographic sticker
  • 18" tall
  • 50mm diameter by 9mm thickness
  • classic 9mm beaker clear 
  • 130mm diameter base
  • 19mm female joint
  • 5" candy cane downstem included ( how to measure )
  • 14mm slime candy cane Lucky Goat bowl included 
  • Ice pinch
  • red check clip included 
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