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The Original Bestie Bong in Pink

The Original Bestie Bong in Pink

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Grab your bestie and smoke with a cause in mind! A portion of the proceeds from this piece will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

  • The original idea was to create a tug of war bong and call it tug of weed... that developed into something a bit more peaceful Our Original Bestie Bong is a unique 2-person beaker base bong with a split neck, This is perfect for the best stoner buddies out there to challenge each other to see who has the bigger lungs or just to share the love and split a hit. 



      • The Original Bestie Bong
      • slim 44mm design 
      • Unique 2 person bong design that allows two rips at the same time
      • 15" Tall
      • 5" Downstem Included ( how to measure )
      • 14mm Bowl Included
      • Made to Order in California by @BLSR  
      • bestie bong logo 




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